Monday, September 07, 2009

Britt Nicole's Favorite Starbucks Drink

I have a couple favorite drinks. I'm looking forward to the pumpkin spice latte that's about to come for fall. It only appears there in fall, so I'm looking forward to it! I saw the other day on the countdown that it was ten days. (Laughs) I was like, “Yes!” But right now, since pumpkin spice latte is not here right now, I usually get a white mocha with three pumps. It comes with four, and I get it with three, 'cause four pumps is too sweet for me. I love white mocha. Or I do a London fog, which is Earl Grey tea with soy milk, and it's really good. Or I get a Venti iced chai, which you probably knows from “Holiday”. When I wrote that song, that was my favorite drink, and I would drink it every day. (laughs) I don't drink it as much now. Now I have to write a song that says, “White Mocha, You're my closest friend.”

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Anonymous said...

Is the pumpkin spice latte out yet??

Jan Parrish said...

Yes, pumpkin spice is now out. I'll have to try the white mocha. Everyone tells me to.